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Credit services

We work together with banks as we provide mediation between creditors and borrowers

Why do you need a credit consultant?

  • Because you need a credit but you don't know which bank to contact!
  • Because you'd like to get information about the most appropriate credit products for your business!
  • Because the bank terminology they used is confusing and complicated for you!
  • Because you deserve personal attitude and reliable advice in order to choose your credit!
  • Because you have incomes but you receive unbacked refusals by the banks!
  • Because you just need a professional opinion!

We assist in the preparation of the documents required for receiving a credit and we aim at helping our customers to make the best decision for financing, as we save their time and resources.

The very time when the business grows and needs extra resources comes. If this applies to you too and you'd like to realize your ideas, do not hesitate and contact us!


You can contact us here or directly at our office.