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Accounting services

Signing a contract for accounting services, you will reduce your expenditures and save a great deal of your precious time, thus you will focus your energy towards the management of your company

We will provide you with current information and overall vision on the economical part of your business. And as the mountains are symbol of support according to the Feng Shui Philosophy, then we will be your strong financial backing. Trust in our professionalism and innovative approach.

We offer the following accounting services:

  • preparation of individual accounts, accounting policies and tax strategy;
  • current accounting of incoming and outgoing primary documents and filing of accounting records;
  • monthly calculation of the financial result;
  • preparation and registration of the company under the Law on Value Added Tax;
  • monthly preparation and submission of reports and logs declarations under the Law on Value Added Tax;
  • preparation of labor and civil contracts, forms for salaries of employees, accounts for fees paid;
  • charge of social security and health of employees and owners, making payment and submission of data on insured persons in the National Insurance Institute;
  • preparing documents for the payment of taxes;
  • perform accounting year closing at the end of the reporting period;
  • preparation of annual tax declaration;
  • preparation of the annual financial statements – balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flows report for equity and Applications under the accounting law;
  • anachni advice and protection tax on corporate taxation, taxation of individuals, VAT;
  • representation before the National Revenue Agency in conducting audits on CITA, VAT TO, ZODFL endorsements and work experience;
  • compiling reports for management of the company.


You can contact us here or directly at our office.